Jættemilen 2023

Ultra-long distance orienteering

Welcome to Jættemilen

Jættemilen is one of the oldest and most traditional orienteering competitions in Denmark. It is ultra-long distance orienteering with mass start and forkings.

We are looking forward welcoming both Danish and foreign participants in Store Dyrehave (North Zealand) at 12. November 2022.

Facebook event 

Please use our Facebook event to stay updated, as we will  post information and updates there. 

Indbydelse / Bulletin 1

Sign up

Deadline:  4. November

Danish participants with an O-Service account

Everyone else (One person one e-mail)

Please use a separate e-mail address for each participant, as name, class and SI number will be associated with your e-mail address. If that is not possible, please use the group signup option below.

Group sign up

Request a copy of our spreadsheet template and enter data for your participants. We will then create a payment link for you to settle the amount.  This is an option for foreign participants. Write to jakob.l.tolborg@gmail.com to enable this.


Sign up: jakob.l.tolborg@gmail.com

Event director: jaettemilen@ok73.dk

Instruktion / Bulletin 2



Video from the start